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AN EXISTING MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT MOUNT WAVERLY As part of a national coverage upgrade project Optus and Vodafone plan to upgrade the existing telecommunications facility at Pinewood Shopping Centre, 43-45 Centreway, Mount Waverly VIC 3149 (Optus Ref# M0080 Mt Waverly) 1. The proposed upgrade will generally involve the following: The replacement of three (3) existing panel antennas with six (6) new panel antennas (two per sector) each measuring less than 2.8m in length, to the existing rooftop; The installation of associated ancillary equipment, including works within the existing equipment shelter and Remote Radio Units (RRUs) to generally be installed behind the new antennas. The installation of a new outdoor equipment cabinet on the existing rooftop 2. Optus and Vodafone regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 1997 ("The Determination") based on the descriptions above. 3. Further information including an EME Report can be obtained from - Ryan Moyle, Senior Planner at Visionstream Pty. Ltd. Ph: 03 8547 4207 Email: or and at Site ref: M0080 - 4. The proposed infrastructure will be in compliance with the ACMA EMR regulatory arrangements. 5. We invite you to make a submission. Written submissions should be sent to: Visionstream Pty Ltd - 25-37 Huntingdale Road, Burwood VIC 3125 by 5pm Wednesday 2nd November 2016.
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